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Child Support & Paternity Fraud

Child Support & Paternity Fraud

Should a man have to pay child support for a child who is not his biological child?

I was wondering when this was going to be taken up by the Legislature again. Over the years I have dealt with a few cases where the “father” raised the child or children and then, upon divorce or dissolution of the relationship, found out that his sweet heart may have also been sweet on someone else as well. Because of North Carolina law, none of them ended well due to strict time-lines to challenge paternity.
It would be one thing if the system seemed to treat everyone equally. However, some of these guys have been imprisoned because they felt so overwhelmed at all the prospects that they either stopped paying support, did not know a support action could be taken against them or did the smart thing and tried to represent themselves in court.
Until something comes out of the Legislature, remember that you only have two months to challenge paternity after you have signed the paperwork and one year if there is fraud involved.
Originally published by McNeil Family Law blog post.

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