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Child custody

Working From Home During Covid-19, Melissa Stuckey, Esq.

Phase One of global pandemic: Panic. Phase two: Working from home excitement (WFH). Phase three: Reality sets in. My mind in a flurry, inner dialog begins mulling over the question, "Am I set up for working from home long term, or even for one day?" Normally the kitchen table will suffice as an impromptu workspace but with two elementary age children the kitchen table, the heart of the house, is quickly removed from the short list of spaces in my home that will allow me to focus on any given task besides food and craft projects.  You have much more...

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How We Are Working Through The Covid 19 Pandemic

While the world and our country are going through the struggles, sorrows, and sacrifices due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are doing our best to remain functional and being available to assist our clients going through the transitions of divorce. We have implemented the following procedures to ensure that our Staff, Vendors, and Clients remain safe when and if they have to come to our Office:We have instituted a "Remote Working System" where half the Staff works from home while the other half remains in the office Each Staff member has three washable face-masks and disposable gloves. When we meet with...

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What is the Mediation Process?

Mediation is required in all child custody disputes. Mediation is also required in all Equitable Distribution (property division) cases. Parties can voluntarily agree to resolve spousal support, child support, child custody and property division during the court-mandated mediation session for Equitable Distribution.In the first step of mediation, the parties or their attorneys select a mediator. If the parties or their attorneys are unable to agree on a mediator, a mediator is chosen by the Court. Once the mediator is determined, a date and location acceptable to everyone is selected.On the day of mediation, the mediator meets with everyone and explains...

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Tools For Parents and Children

Today's parents and children have plenty to do on any normal day whether it is summertime or a school week. Our Family Wizard helps parents make appointments, keep track of doctor's appointments and exchange information and documentation about their children without having to pass notes back and forth. The powerful tool allows events, messages, and receipts to be saved for later viewing without the worry that something will go missing or get lost. ...

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Back To School In Wake County

Back To School In Wake County As school starts today in Wake County and the surrounding area, parents and children are anxious to see what the coming days provide. Back to School is always a day or week of transition and parents and their children are hoping that this week will not be the disaster that last year's Back to School ended up becoming in Wake County.ABC 11 has listed the names, counties and addresses to report any problems or confusion as your student begins school this week. ...

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