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10 Reasons Not To Take Back A Cheater

Once a cheater, always a cheater? Maybe not, maybe so. But Kiri Blakely had to make the decision about whether to take her cheating husband back. When her husband left her to live with his mistress, Kiri fought to win him back. She fought hard, believing that once he was back the marriage was saved. She got him back, and regretted it. She says it was one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made. Here is her list of 10 Reasons Not To Take A Cheater back: http://thestir.cafemom.com/love_sex/159339/10_reasons_not_to_take Kiri is an author and blogger for The Stir and The Daily Mail.  ...

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15 Ways To An Easier Divorce

There are thousands of ways to have a terrible, difficult and annoying divorce. There is a ton of bad divorce advice out there including from well-meaning friends, relatives and the internet.Many times it is easier to take the low road, react rather than interact, and end up putting yourself (emotionally or legally) in a far worse place than where you started from. Do you have an obnoxious or vindictive ex-spouse who wants nothing more than to make your life a living hell or to see you suffer? Try taking the High Road. Your lack of reaction will stun your ex and...

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Requirements for Divorce in North Carolina

In order to file for divorce in North Carolina, you must have been separated for one year. This means that the two partners must live separately and apart for that period of time. At least one of the partners has to attest that they intended the separation to be permanent. A second requirement is that either party must have lived in the state for a minimum of six months. NC divorces can be either “no fault” meaning that neither party is at fault or fault divorces, also known as Divorce From Bed & Board. Fault divorces may be filed when one...

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Hiring A Private Investigator

In many cases a hiring a private investigator is not necessary. In other family law cases, hiring a competent, knowledgeable and effective private investigator is an absolute  necessity if you want results and to discover the truth about your spouse and his actions. Here is an excerpt from our article regarding whether a private investigator is necessary and the criteria for hiring one to assist you and your lawyer. In cases where one spouse is secretive about their activities, assets, associations or employment, it may become necessary for a spouse or parent to hire a private investigator to obtain information. Before...

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Does Infidelity Affect Divorce?

Does the infidelity of a spouse affect the divorce process in North Carolina The issue of infidelity has almost no impact on the divorce itself; the actual entry of the divorce judgment. Infidelity can and often does have a significant effect on the court’s decisions in the areas of alimony and custody. Generally speaking, the court will take into consideration the exact circumstances of the infidelity in question. For example, a judge may react more strongly to an extra-marital affair that was conducted in the presence of the children, or one that caused marital assets to be significantly reduced. If infidelity is...

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